How Saturdays Can Change Your Work-Weekend Relationship

Saturdays are a grey area when it comes to working. Most offices in India have a 6-day workweek. But recent years have led to a westernisation of working culture in India, prompting many corporates to give a 2-day weekend and relaxing on restrictions around work style and hours. However, that’s not true for most work places in India. Due to the increase in stress that surrounds work and the notion of a 2-day weekend, many people fret at the idea of working on a Saturday. Now this can lead to huge issue in terms of productivity. But there are ways in which employers & employees can turn around Saturday’s bothersome work into something more interesting and productive. Let’s see what can be done for the same:

1. Use The Prospect Of Food To Leverage Interest In Work

As most employees have a tight budget to work with and spend in their day-to-day lives, all employees appreciate the concept of free food. The employer can use this to increase interest in working on Saturdays. Employers can offer free food on Saturday and the entire team can order out from a nice place of everyone’s choice This will spur both an interest in working on Saturdays and improve employer-employee relationship! 

2. Relax Restrictions Around Work on Saturdays

By relaxing restrictions around work on Saturdays, employers can boost productivity on an otherwise unproductive Saturday. Music can be played in the office and a movie screening can be organised mid day to keep things interesting. People can be encouraged to be more lively and the entire office can go out for dinner or drinks after office hours! 

3. Fun Sessions Can Be Organised By The Employers

Fun Sessions wherein games like Jenga, Charades, Taboo et cetera can be played by the employees on Saturday after the work is done. Other fun things can be done like Love/Hate Bombing, or even stand-up comedy. This can give the employees a place to express themselves in an otherwise corporate atmosphere and can ever promote employee bonding. 

4. The Prospect Of Getting Ahead Of Work

Saturdays can be used to get ahead of one’s pending work. This can prove monumentally important as one can start the next week with a little less work load, which could lead to less stress and more productivity the following week. Once, one fits into this cycle of working on a Saturday, it can lead to quantifiable improvements in their work cycle. 

These are some new ways to look at and deal with working on Saturdays. At the very least it is important for one to enjoy their work, to make them excited about working on a Saturday with these tools. 
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