How To Best Network As A Young Professional

Networking is key for all professionals, but especially for the freshers or the younger ones! When one enters the corporate world, you don’t only need to impress their boss, but their co-workers, their clients, and everyone they come in contact with. This is necessary to create their own footprint in the industry, something that can be expanded with the passage of time and the onset of opportunities. Although there are many who don’t consider networking as an important aspect of the job, it is! Here are a few ways in which one can network efficiently and make their mark on people:

1. Appearance & Personal Interactions Matter More Than You Give Credit To

A lot of young professionals seem to not put precedent on their appearance or their mannerism when it comes to networking. Although, appearance doesn’t need to be treated in the cosmetic sense, looking professional with decent clothes, haircut, and other vanity-related requirements are necessary. This isn’t meant to curtail one’s own self but done simply to look professional. Even personal interactions matter, like a firm handshake, respectfully getting your point across, or even holding the door for someone behind you. If one can take care of these things, they are off to a good start with networking. 

2. Leveraging One’s Contacts & Clients

One’s professional contacts and clients that they are working on are amongst the first interactions that a young professional would make outside their own team. These interactions form the base of one’s network and how they behave, perform, and deliver, are of huge consequence here. If you have impressed one of your clients and formed a good relationship with them, it can be helpful even after shifting jobs! Performance, appearance, mannerism all come to play here, and if this is handled well, one’s clients would be more than happy to refer them to someone! 

3. Using Social Media As A Point Of Networking

In the 21st Century, humans have upped their ante when it comes to social interactions via the Internet. The births of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & especially LinkedIn has led to the rise of an entirely different medium to network. As we have previously discussed in the blog “How To Use SM In Your Quest For A Job,” SM is something utterly important. One should use SM to make them more accessible to the world. They should list down their achievements and the kind of work they have done. LinkedIn is the apt SM outlet for all of this. One should also connect with everyone they come across professionally, as they never know where the next opportunity could arise.

As discussed, networking is very important for professionals to excel in their career. Some people are natural at it while others learn on the job. Whichever one you are, you should never underestimate the power of networking, nor leave any stone unturned in the pursuit of it! 
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