How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Boss?

A corporate life of working in a 9 to 5 job centers around a lot of factors like work environment, coworkers, work satisfaction et cetera. But a major factor is one’s relationship with their boss. This relationship can go onto define your progress, impact, and growth in any job. It can also set you up for better opportunities in the future. However, if not handled well, it can make your life difficult and affect your CV. Now, all bosses aren’t the same. Some bosses can be genuinely nice people and are great mentors, and some can be a little more sinister. So how do you improve your relationship with your boss? Let’s find out:

1. Working On Weekends & Holidays

One of the greatest factors that helps people determine your work ethic is working on weekends and holidays. Although this might sound easier than it is, if one can find the conviction to willingly work on weekends on the suggestion of the boss or even to finish pending work, it can help them stand out of the crowd in an instant. Just be sure to not answer reluctantly, if your boss ever asks you to work on the weekend. This will also give you time to get ahead of your work and get to know your boss, something which might be helpful along the way.

2. Let Your Work Speak For Itself

Never expect praise from your boss for a job well done. Rather, just keep working and let your work be a brand of its own and speak for itself. Sometimes not getting acknowledged for your work can lead to a decrease in morale as well as lead to insecurity about your own job performance. Make sure to look for feedback, but avoid incurring praise. With time, this will help build respect for yourself in front of your boss and colleagues.

3. Understand the Manager/Mentor Trade-Off

As discussed at the start, not all managers are great people and/or mentors. One needs to make sure they understand this distinction for their own boss. If their boss is a great mentor, one can discuss multiple things with them, including future plans, growth, and career trajectory. However, a bad boss can make your life difficult at the smallest hint of defection from the organisation in the future. Once you have understood this distinction, and if your boss is a mentor, talk to them, get to know them, and befriend them. However, if your boss is a manager, stick to your work, keep your conversation to the bare minimum, and try to keep a safe distance between you and them.

These few things can help your career grow in terms of your relationship with boss. And it might also help you get better recommendations and great job prospects at the end of it.
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