How Your SM Can Make or Break Job Prospects?

In this fast-paced, ever-growing world, Social Media has gained optimal importance. Be it in our social, personal, or professional lives, everyone is visible and connected via SM. This also affects one’s first impression when he/she applies for a job. Survey tells us that most corporate HR
departments make it a point to view the applicant’s SM presence at least once before they are hired. Keeping this in mind, here is how you can use your SM as an advantage in the selection process:

1. Avoid Posting NSFW Content on Your SM Platforms

Although a person’s SM is a personal space wherein one can share whatever they want, many companies might not look at it that way. Companies now believe that every employee of the company is now their brand ambassador, given the mass reach of their SM. One should void
posting anything that is NSFW or Not Safe For Work. This can be something that might be funny or interesting from a first person point of view but might seem provocative or embarrassing for someone willing to hire you.

2. Choose Your Visibility Wisely

What you choose to make visible to your audiences is an important aspect of making wise choices on SM. Although most content that we post is for everyone, sensitive or personal posts can be posted to a certain audience only. This can be done through your privacy settings. 

3. LinkedIn is the Key

In the 21st century, it is a MUST to have an updated and active LinkedIn profile. This should be your holy grail in terms of SM that can help you with job prospects. Any potential employer in their right minds would check your LinkedIn. List all your qualifications and post regularly. If you are
having trouble figuring out what to post, the least you can do is share articles that appear on your feed. Be sure to add connections as and when you meet them as LinkedIn claim that 70% of job offers that people get through LinkedIn is through people’s own connections!

4. Personal SM & Public SM

Bifurcate between SM that is public and personal. For e.g.: LinkedIn and Twitter are completely public. Everyone, not just your followers, can see everything that you post. Although you can lock your profile, it wouldn’t make sense doing it for Twitter & LinkedIn. So make sure that these are readily presentable social profiles. For Facebook, one can be a little more selective in terms of privacy issues. Finally, Instagram can be your personal abode wherein you can post from your personal lives. Again, this is as long as your profile is locked. In summary, SM can help make or break your job prospects. If one is smart about how they operate on SM, it can work in their favour. Nevertheless, this isn’t to the point of  urtailing freedom of speech. If you are voicing out your opinion for something that matters to you or something you believe in, you ought to.
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