Pre-Work Rituals

A work day, regardless of whether it’s a Monday or a Saturday, can be a calm one wherein everything goes according to plan, or a tumultuous one wherein chaos engulfs your desk. Whatever your job might be, whatever position you work in, this stands true. So is it all luck and chance, or can you do things to make sure that every work day is a calm and controlled one? The answer is latter. So what is the secret to a calm workday? Your morning pre-work rituals! One’s pre-work rituals can help them prepare for work, list tasks, mark bottlenecks in one’s to-do lists, and define the day they will have. These are the some of the that can make you all the above happen:

1. Define Your Pre-Work Rituals

Give yourself at least 2-3 hours after waking up and before reaching work. This time can entail getting ready, having breakfast, even exercising if you can! When people get up late and rush to work, that chaos in itself can derail a day from the very beginning! After you are done with fore mentioned activities, take 30 minutes to visualise your work day. Most people in the corporate world know about the tasks they have to get through during the day. Use this information to organise your day, preferably on a piece of paper or a to-do app in your phone, and mentally prepare yourselves to take it on.

2. List Down The Bottlenecks
Every work has its own bottlenecks. For an engineer it could be making spreadsheets; for an architect it could be making calculations, for a content writer it could be researching. Everyone is usually aware of the bottlenecks in their profession. These bottlenecks could arise from the task being difficult, repetitive, or even somewhat different from what professionals are used to doing. Regardless, there are two ways to deal with this, depending on your work pattern. If you are someone who would love to get rid of bottlenecks first thing in the day, do that. In the morning, one is fresh and better prepared for taking on difficult tasks. However, this can lead to disastrous results for some people as if they take on bottlenecks first thing, it can stop them from doing anything else the whole day and derail it. For these people, it is recommended that they place their bottleneck tasks before a break or before going home. This can galvanise them to do the task as there is an evident reward in front of them.

3. Prepare Your Day Ahead
Get ahead of your tasks and be pro-active. Look at all the things you have to do and start strategising. If your tasks involve inputs from different people on your team, let them know and be sure to have done your end. Be sure to always pack a nice lunch, or even some lemonade. Placing small but significant rewards spread out through the day can help boost your productivity.  And finally, plan ahead. Look at what you have going that entire month and work towards your goals. Make sure to have efficiency goals and improve on them. Once people in your team can see your pro-activeness, they will be inspired to be pro-active themselves.
There are always days in any office that can be chaotic. However, your pre-work rituals can help you calmly sail through the day and effectively do better at your work!
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