The Correct Process Of Onboarding.
Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into the organisation. This involves familiarising them with the customs, processes, as well as the clients that the organisations has. Although it sounds a rather simple process, it isn’t. Onboarding is a serious issue for businesses and organisations today in this competitive landscape. One statistic tells us that over 45% new employees leave within their first 90 days as they don’t enjoy the work environment of the company. However, onboarding doesn’t need to be this dissatisfactory for new employees. An organisation can do several simple things to improve its onboarding process. Here are a few of the ways:

1. Make New Employees Feel Like They Are Joining A Family, Not An Organisation.

A lot of new employees feel alienated in a new surrounding, filled with faces they haven’t seen before. There is a lot of insecurity in regards to their work position as well as a lot of nervousness. While welcoming a new employee, make them feel at home. Introduce them to their team and train your employees to be more empathetic. Introduce the new employees to the clients they will be handling in their first two weeks so as to ascertain a sense of belongingness and accountability.
The manager or the team leader can also take the new employee out on a lunch to ease them into the organisation.

2. Construct A Proper Framework To Educate The Employees To The Work Culture

Make a list of the responsibilities that a position that will be welcoming a new employee would have to take care of. Take help from a veteran employee, who has already been through this cycle, to formulate this list. Put down the day-today processes that the new employee will be a part of and how communications occur within the organisation. For example, a lot of organisations use Google Drive to communicate, transfer files, and allocate responsibilities. These organisations should
make a small demo video of Google Drive features and how the organisation uses it to dispel any doubts that a fresher might have.

3. Define Goals For The Employees To Incentivise Their Work

If an organisation can define goals for new employees within the week of them joining, it can help incentivise the new employee’s work and inclination to work at the organisation. By defining goals, an organisation spells out what it exactly wants from the employee and makes it simple for the employee to understand their role, something which isn’t clear to most freshers in a company.

If an organisation can take care of the following things in the process of onboarding, it can make the entire process more efficient and help retain better talent that can help the organisation excel to new heights!
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